Moving Out

So your lease is about to expire and you want to move out, here is what to do...

Notice of Intention to Leave

You are required to fill out a RTA - FORM 13 - Notice of Intention to Leave. This can be obtained for the RTA website or the below button.

You are required to give a minimum of 14 days notice - your notice period commences once you submit this form. We will give you a copy of the following documents upon receipt of your notice.

Vacating Envelope

A quick checklist to help wrap up the return of the property plus space for your forwarding address and any new contact details. Please fill out and return with your keys.

Vacating a Property - The Guidelines

This document has all the information you need to know regarding moving out. Please read through as there is some valuable information to help you receive a full bond refund.

Cleaning Checklist

This document speaks for itself. We all know moving and doing a bond clean is an exhausting job, so, we’ve made an easy checklist to help you on your way. To help, tick off each item as you’ve done it.

End of Tenancy Survey

At Ascot Rentals, we are always trying to better ourselves for both tenants & landlords. Filling out the tenancy survey is a good way for you to give your feedback.

Exit Condition Report

This document is to be downloaded from the RTA website. It is an important document and is to be filled out and returned along with your keys. The form provides detailed information for your ease of use.

Once you have returned the above documents and your keys, your property manager will conduct a vacating inspection and will contact you to discuss your bond refund.

Breaching your agreement

We understand that from time to time, events happen beyond your control and sometimes, this causes a tenant to vacate the property during their lease. In this event, it is referred to as a breach of agreement and you’re responsible for and agree to the following:

  • The tenant(s) will continue to be responsible for the property as per the current conditions of the lease including the continued, on time, payment of rent until a new tenancy agreement is entered into (and begins) or until the expiration of the current lease agreement, whichever is sooner
  • The tenant(s) authorise Ascot Real Estate as the landlord’s agent to supply any particular details to any prospective tenants relevant to the proposed new tenancy of the property.
  • The tenant(s) will pay the landlord’s reasonable costs required to re-let the property - this includes the letting fee (equal to one weeks rent + GST), plus the smoke alarm cleaning and testing fee of $22.00. These costs are to be paid to Ascot Real Estate as the managing agent.
  • The tenant(s) will allow inspections of the property at reasonable times by prospective tenants as arranged between the agent and the tenant(s).
  • The existing tenancy will terminate when a new residential tenancy agreement with a replacement tenant, as determined by Ascot Real Estate upon discussion with the Lessor.

You are required to sign an Agreement to Terminate Fixed Term Tenancy before we can start advertising the property for rent.

Download the Breach of agreement form below