Renting Through Ascot Real Estate

We are confident that all your questions will be answered during our in person sign up process, however, below is some general information to help you. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the office.

Repairs and Maintenance

We ask that all requests for repairs and maintenance be forwarded to our office in writing. Please provide as much information as possible so we can act accordingly.

If you have an urgent after hours repair, please call our office phone number so we can assess the problem and have a tradesperson attend. The RTA has guidelines for what constitutes an emergency repair.

Rent Payments

Other than your initial money required to move into the office, we do not accept cash. You are required to set up NAB EasyRent or CentrePay.

If you know your rent is not going to be paid on time, please contact your property manager - it is essential they are kept informed of any possible delay.​


We advise all tenants to take out contents insurance - your contents will not be insured under your Lessor’s policy.

​Locked Out?

If you lock yourself out during office hours you are welcome to collect our spare set of keys - please ensure you bring photo ID to the office so we can be certain keys aren’t just being given to anyone.

If you lock yourself out after office hours, you will need to contact a locksmith.​

Property Inspections

We conduct inspections every 13 weeks - you will be sent an entry notice 7 to 14 days prior to your inspection. If you are happy for us to take the spare key, please let us know. If you aren’t going to be home, or, wish to be home for your inspection, please let your property manager know.