Why Trust Us with your Investment Property?

Our Property Management division has become one of the largest and most successful in Bundaberg.

This has been achieved through introducing strong business principles and offering an excellent standard of service to investors and tenants.

As your agency we offer you:

- Quarterly inspections because Ascot Real Estate understand regular inspections are essential to ensure your investment is being cared for properly and to report on any maintenance issues. These inspections are carried out every 13 weeks. After each inspection you will receive a written report with regard to the overall condition of the property. Neglect of minor repairs can often lead to major repairs and expenditure. Our maintenance program will ensure that problems are resolved quickly. Ascot Real Estate engages insured & qualified tradespeople at reasonable prices - should you wish to use your own tradespeople, you must ensure they are comprehensively insured. In addition, lessors, under legislation can be penalised for not keeping their property adequately repaired and maintained. Ascot Real Estate will always be acting in your best interest, legally, ethically and financially. These inspections are in addition to any Entry and Exit Inspections.

- Our appropriately licensed staff are up to date with all legislation and any changes that are made. All our staff receive ongoing training, and follow best practice guidelines.

- A thorough screening of all tenancy applications. Ascot Real Estate property managers pride themselves on quality tenant selection with thorough previous rental and employment checks. Our philosophy is to always be critically selective with tenants, as our aim is for you to have a worry free tenancy. Ascot Real Estate is a member of the Tenancy Information Centre of Australia (TICA) - this allows us to check if tenants are blacklisted for debts.

- We understand that having your tenant vacating can be an anxious time for any property owner. Upon receipt of a Notice of Intention to Leave we will contact you as soon as we can to discuss re-letting instructions. We will also at this time give you an update on the market, and discuss the best price for re-listing the property to ensure a limited vacancy period. We will list the property for rent on our website, realestate.com.au and domain.com.au as well as in our office rental list, and a flyer on our window. We will keep in touch throughout the vacating process, keeping you updated on enquiry, applications and of course the vacating inspection.

- On a daily basis, we carry out rental arrears checks and immediately follow up on any outstanding monies owed. Prompt action will be taken in accordance with the Residential Tenancies, Rooming & Accommodation Act.

- Our lease renewal process begins by sending the Lessor our recommendation for the next lease term and weekly rent amount, 3 months before the lease ends. This ensures we allow enough time for the Lessor to consider their options and still allow for 2 months notice for rent increases or notice for vacant possession of the tenancy as required by legislation. We will always follow up your instructions should we not receive these back.

- We will prepare, lodge and complete insurance claims for your property.

- We offer two different payment options for deposit of rental funds into your nominated bank account. Your options are to be paid once a month on the first working day of each month or, on the 15th or first working day after and on the first working day of each month. You will be provided with a detailed statement of income and expenditure as well as an end of year financial statement for taxation purposes.

Please contact our office via the below form to have a property manager to discuss your management needs.