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Now we might be biased but choosing Ascot Real Estate and our team of professionals to manage your property is your first step.

Our professional Sales Consultants will advise you in detail of what is necessary to complete a successful sale of your property.​

You will deal with an experienced consultant that can guide you through the process of selling your home and getting you the best result with the least stress.


Method of sale: There are three methods of sale to consider.

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1. Private Treaty

This means that you offer the property to the market and at a predetermined price where you invite offers from interested purchasers. This is the most common method of sale. The standard approach is to advertise the property by various means and is usually opened for inspection at suitable times for potential buyers .Your agent then negotiates with potential buyers until an agreeable sale price is achieved. Contracts are then signed by all parties.

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2. Auction

Auction sales are best suited to properties which may be unique in some way and hard to put a value on or circumstances require a quick sale. An auction is a public sale that happens at a specific date, time and place after a set marketing period. You put a reserve price on your property and prospective buyers bid for your home. If the bids reach your reserve or an acceptable figure the highest bidder enters into an unconditional contract to buy your home at their offered price.

3. Tender

Sale by tender is marketed in much the same way as auction with the exception that the offers are undisclosed to other interested parties. These offers close at a time, date and place as specified at the commencement of the marketing period. The potential buyers submit an offer (tender) for your home. Your agent advises on the detail of the offers and you then either accept the best one or reject all. On acceptance your agent will prepare contracts in the usual manner.


Exposure to the Market

Advertising is carried out by various methods which most suit the property on offer.

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This includes:

  • The local press and if required capital city or interstate.
  • Brochures for handout at open inspections and letterbox drops.
  • Internet advertising on our website in addition to all major real estate listing websites.
  • For sale signs are provided to all road boundaries.
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Decide on a Listing Price

Ascot offers a free appraisal of your property value.

We will give you a comprehensive market analysis showing recent property sales and current listing prices of similar properties to yours.

Our guarantee to you is to obtain the highest price possible for your property.


Preparing the Property

In order to gain the top price for your property it is necessary to present it at its very best.

This will most likely require a spring clean. That is it may need a wash down, yard tidied up, garden cleaned up and trimmed.

Internally it needs to be clean, tidy and bright. We will advise on areas which will increase the value of your property.

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Ascot will show your home at times suitable to purchasers.

It will be advertised in the press and with additional signage showing the open times and brochures.


Negotiating the Contract of Sale

Ascot will present all offers and when an agreeable price is achieved (remembering we are working for you) will prepare contracts for signing by all parties and guide the process through to final settlement.